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The Climber

Forsman & Bodenfors has recently presented an interesting ad for IKEA – The Climber. It definitely shows the creative edge of this Swedish furniture company. So, check out The Climber.

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Nike Towards a Better World

Nike started 2011 by launching a new site – Nike Better World. With the interactive site, Nike presents how their company aims to approach Corporate Social Responsibility.

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iBook and iMac – Old School

Remembering different technology contributions of Steve Jobs, I came across these old school advertisements of iBook and iMac:

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Lacoste 75th Anniversary Website

For its 75th anniversary Lacoste launched the website attempting to look into the future.


Here you can see, how does Lacoste see tennis in the future:

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Osocio webspace for Social Advertising and Non-Profit Campaigns

With a recommendation from my friend, I came across this website, publishing Social Advertising and Non-Profit campaigns from around the world.

Together with a broad range of video advertisements and poster ads, the website offers agenda for events related with social advertising and marketing as well as well as provides with current news.

Go and check it out yourself:

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What’s Stopping Me From Dressing Sharp?

After reading Real Men Real Stile blog article posing the question: What’s Stopping Us From Dressing Sharp I thought of contemplating my answer and posting it on my own blog.

I’m happy to consider myself dressing sharp most of the time. Why so? Firstly, because I like to look nice and sharp. Secondly, I definitely feel more confident. Finally, I am often taken more seriously because of what I wear.

One problem that might arrise for people dressing sharp, is the difficulty to dress sharper during parties or official events where formal or semi-form dress code is required.

For me – every day should be an occasion encouraging us to dress sharp. It may cost a bit more and it may take slightly more time to take the effort. I am confident, it’s worth it.

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Transforming My Blog

I came up to the point that having a blog in Lithuanian does not serves the purpose of the blog any more. I love moving from place to place and meeting people from around the world who might be interested in my thoughts, and ideas. Thus, I will not only try to post more often, but also post in English.

Come back soon for more updates and interesting thoughts.